Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 11 & 12

While I was not on vacation on these days, I clearly was taking a slight mental break because I completely forgot about blogging (although that seems to happen a lot to me). I can't exactly recall what happened but sometime in the last half week I performed photometry on RZ Psc and (finally) got a measurements table (dumb mistakes made this an extremely tedious process, as if placing apertures wasn't tedious enough on its own). Then I looked at the code and cried (joking. mostly).

I put a first draft of my presentation together and ran through it in a few peer revision sessions.

Sometime along the way Maria and Madi matched the interns with their planets:
Apparently, I am EARTH because I am down to earth. When I complained that it meant I got all the pollution, the interns pointed out I also got the life and biodiversity. Yay for earth ☺

While I am talking about seemingly random things, Nathan taught me how to do this: ☺
Press alt, then 1 on the number pad and lift up. He also talked about unicode and the coding stuff behind this but clearly ☺ is more important.

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