Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 9

Inspired by fellow intern Alice Li:

  • Began presentation
  • Searched for comparison stars in astronomical databases
  • Met with Joel
  • Decided to use an A type star Lydia & Tori found (U-V mag is ~0 so v magnitude is about = to u magnitude. Therefore, I can use its measured magnitude in the visual band as an ultraviolet magnitude for comparison in relative photometry).
  • Returned to Carlson
  • Ate lunch
  • Found a fitted u magnitude for a relatively bright star in VizieR to use as another comparison star
  • Worked on photometry (ran into problem with settings and had to email the RU's before I could continue)
Productive day! Sometime earlier this week, I also learned that I will be presenting first (yippee). Now I spend way too much time wondering what to wear and how to introduce myself. (Like, do I have to bow for this? No, this is a science presentation, not a violin performance. But won't it be awkward just standing there after a 10 minute talk staring at dozens of people waiting for them to ask questions [that, hopefully, I will be able to answer]? It seems that, as with the violin, practice may be the only thing that can help. Oh, joy.)

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