Monday, August 1, 2016

Outline: Photometric Analysis of the RZ Piscium Field

  • Title Slide
  • Summary
  • Overall project
    • what the overall goal is and why
Image Reduction
  • Why image reduction is needed in general
  • How a CCD works and why a bias is needed/what a bias is
  • how bias images are taken and how master bias is created and used
  • why need a flat 
  • specific problems flats solve (vignette, dust in optical surfaces)
    • give examples in form of images
  • how flat field images are taken and how master flat is created and used
  • brief slide on plate solving
  • What photometry is and why useful
  • relative photometry 
    • problem with photometry and why need comparison stars (transparency and seeing variations)
    • how relative photometry corrects for these
  • how get from magnitude (ratio) to value and why needed
  • comparisons to 2MASS
  • conclusion
  • next steps
  • acknowledgements

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