Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 16: LAST DAY

Last day before the presentation! This morning, I went over my presentation twice, once with the interns and once with my adviser, then revised it based on their suggestions.

The interns went to Crossroads for lunch. I went to get manicotti (spelling?) and it was out. They refilled it, so I went to get the breadstick that came with it and they ran out. Great timing on my part. 

After an enlightening lunch full of Never Have I Ever and two truths and a lie (Maria has never been in a pillow fight and Nathan used to participate in surfing competitions when he lived in Florida), I headed back to play catch up on blogs (best game of the day, right?) and put the finishing touches on my presentation. 

The end of the internship is bittersweet. I get more free time but now I have to work on summer homework (again, joking - I'll miss Carlson and the reading room and all of the wonderful people I met here!). Only the presentation is left (possibly the worst part).

Here is a list of the things I have learned:
  • walking in a circle several times is not the most effective way to find things
  • I am earth (at least according to Madi and Maria-see last post)
  • computers are terrifying
  • ask for help even if you think you are being annoying
  • the Joker makes me laugh
  • files can be compressed
  • I can compress and extract files
  • which button to press when compressing and extracting files
  • how to find/move/copy/save files
  • also, some astronomy
To everyone I worked with at RIT: Thank you for a wonderful summer!

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