Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 11

As Kristina and Mr. Pow quickly found out, I am directionally challenged. My method of finding things is to either ask or go to the floor I think it's on and walk in circles until I find it. Despite this, you'd think I'd be able to find the stairs on the third floor in Carlson. Its wide black steps are lined with gleaming silver rails, yet somehow, I keep either walking past them or turning the wrong way. Yesterday, I finally started to find the stairs on the first try. Perhaps it isn't the hardest thing I'll do this internship, but it is an accomplishment I am proud of. Maybe soon I'll be able to walk from building 17 to Carlson without taking a wrong turn.
In between my navigating adventures, I finished my required textbook reading. Just as I was ending chapter 17, I received an email with Kristina with more to read. The "basic" overview for AstroImagej was completely lost on me, but I'm sure it'll make sense after I read the user guide and lecture series she sent me. I don't mind the reading-most of it is quite interesting-and I know it will help with the work I will be doing.
After that, I downloaded AstroImagej, ds9, and fv (fits file reader) with help from Lydia. Lydia was also quick to answer any questions I had on photometry and data reduction, and assured me that I wouldn't have to create Point Spread Functions by hand, and Kristina helped clarify some of the information in the lecture series I'm reading. With my new knowledge in astronomy, some of the information I've heard Joel and Kristina discuss with the RU's is starting to make more sense.

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