Friday, July 15, 2016

July 14

I think I've done more troubleshooting in this internship than I have in my entire life (and learned a lot more about computers in general). I now know what a GUI (pronounced "gooey") interface is and how to extract/uncompress files. And I've dug up several files that saved to an odd spot on my laptop and downloaded multiple programs (and then successfully found them and opened them-the "using" part I'm having a little more trouble with).

Besides that revelation, I saw a master's defense on using imaging techniques to analyze the nutritional quality of wine grapes on the vine. Sample analysis costs vineyards quite a bit of money, and anyway to reduce those costs would be much appreciated by the industry. What I saw terrified me for my own presentation: a whole gaggle of professors and researchers with macbooks, dress shirts, and kahkis asking questions like "Why would you use a stepwise function?" and "If the industry standard is the petiole, why are you using the leaves? It seems you are mixing your petiole and leaf data." The researcher (Grant, according to Zihao) was able to answer the questions and got some help from an audience member, though.

Later, all the interns went out to lunch. The Crossroads, where we had originally planned to go, was closed, and we started to worry that all the lunch places would be closed (most of us did not have a backup plan). Luckily, the Cantina & Grille was open, and I had a tasty (but overpriced) quesadilla. 

Afterwards, I continued working on the first practical in the lecture series, p03. I got stuck on some of the setting for multi-aperture photometry in AstroImagej, so I emailed Kristina. She replied promptly and we also set up a time for our lab group to meet the next morning.

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