Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25

Monday was quite productive. I reduced and plate solved the rest of the images, then in the afternoon meeting clarified that I was going to be looking for any jet streams RZ Psc might have. Jet streams are formed from a disk around the star. The interactions between the magnetic fields of the disk and the star cause streams of material to be ejected in the form of stellar jets. These jets can occur in both young stars (stars form from a collapsing cloud of gas and dust which eventually becomes a protoplanetary disk) or older, evolved stars (disks can form from destruction of a companion star).

During lunch, the interns played Trivial Pursuit. It was 90's trivia, so unfortunately our obscure knowledge didn't extend to the contents of the game. Cici was partying building homes and volunteering in Boston, so we were able to make four random teams of two. I got a question correct about a citrus disease. (The answer, if you're wondering, was Florida. Now you know why I got it right.) Zihao impressed everyone with getting a question right (pure luck on his part) about the US broadcasting propaganda to Cuba. (I would have said someplace in Eurasia, like Russia.) Hopefully we'll be able to play more board games in the future. 

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