Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 26

I can't recall exactly what happened Tuesday. I remember being really tired and trying to read and be productive like a good little intern. I've been reading some papers on BP Psc, a star similar to RZ Psc, in preparation for working on something a little different (the work with the jets I mentioned last post). I did remember something from Monday that I forgot to put in my blog: I cleaned a whiteboard. Such stereotypical intern work, I thought as I sprayed and scrubbed with Tori's kids (they had quickly volunteered to help). We had to use toilet paper because the break room in building 17 was out of paper towels. It was pretty fun until one of them stepped on a tack.

I also remember my lunch: half an Italian sausage. (I had eaten the other half the evening before. oops.)

Maybe I'll have more to write tomorrow.

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