Friday, July 29, 2016

July 27

Today the interns' "snazzy wristbands" (as Professor Joel Kastner put it) arrived. The bright orange is an affront to the eyes, but the 4GB flash drive hidden inside more than makes up for the color.

I also attended a lecture by Gabe (not sure of his last name) on the research in the PERFORM lab, where Nathan, Alice, and Maria are now working. After I did some more reading, they (the visual perception interns) showed me the tutorials they were using to learn Python and I tried my hand at some (very) simple coding. Nathan, of course, already knows how to code. (The interns predicted that in the future, he'll be a stay at home coding dad. And then Niels said Nathan is my dad.)
We're taking a field trip tomorrow to the Eastman house. (Free lunch at Amiel's!) I can't believe we are about halfway through the internship already. 

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