Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 8

Friday is my favorite day of the week for two reasons now: it's the last day before the weekend and it's the CIS picnic day. After discussing the looming deadline for a preliminary abstract during our morning meeting and reading more of my textbook, I headed down the stairs (I found them without walking twice around the second floor this time) and to the grill.
It was drizzling and cloudy, so Mr. Callens set up the grill under the overhang by Carlson. It didn't stop the interns from playing volleyball in the grass, though. I got to meet some of the other RU's (undergraduate researchers) before grabbing my stuff and going to the IT Collaboratory where Kristina's office is. We had a small going away party for Dr. Ben Sargent, who is going to Baltimore to work on the James Webb Space Telescope (successor to Hubble-I had just read about it in my textbook a couple hours before).
As I read my textbook, I listened to Lydia and Tori discuss their work with Kristina. I looked up some words or terms I kept hearing and tried to absorb as much information as I could.

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