Friday, July 22, 2016

July 22

Contrary to what Zihao, Nathan and Niels might tell you, I did play volleyball at the cookout. I was the star player, in fact. During the cookout, I ate 1.5 delicious hamburgers grilled by Nathan and covered in seasoning donated by John and used an interesting napkin from Allyse:

John also let the interns have some of the chicken he was grilling.

It was a healthier cookout than normal-Zihao brought a massive watermelon that Niels and Madi cut with a plastic knife and Madi brought a box of grapes. I think someone substituted the planned veggie tray with fudgsicles and ice cream, though (NOT complaining).

For most of the day, I struggled to calibrate the h alpha images. My self-proclaimed hippie friend, Lydia, came to my rescue and told me to check for jet streams first before worrying too much about image reduction. 

Zihao made a beautiful portrait of me on the whiteboard. It's a very accurate depiction, too:
Emily, by Zihao

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